Introducing Amy Louise Beckett
Hi everyone!
I’m Amy, Cherrie Baby’s new brand ambassador and blog writer. I have been living in the beautiful Whitsundays for six years.
It’s a crazy story; I was born in England and moved to Australia to be an Au Pair and to race motocross at 20 years old. I had plans to stay with the family for seven months and then fly back to England, but I never got onto the plane.
My friend, Danielle was also working as an Au pair and persuaded me to stay a little longer to explore North Queensland. After leaving my job as an Au pair I caught a bus to Airlie Beach, met my fiancé Rick and never left!
We now have two beautiful children, Archer is three years old and Blue is seventeen months.
I have loved children’s fashion since I was pregnant with Archer, I shopped at Cherrie Baby whilst pregnant and felt so overwhelmed with everything that you can buy for a baby. From swaddles, different types of dummies, breast pumps, the list really goes on...
I had absolutely no idea where to start! Although I had lots of experience with children, I never had to think about what a baby would need.
It was a massive learning experience, one that has lead to becoming “extremely obsessed” (you could say) with dressing my children in stylish clothes. I feel like it has become more like a passionate hobby now!
I can’t wait to talk about the raw experiences of being a mum. Not just the amazing times but also the hard times. The times where you’re teary with joy and the times where you’re teary with frustration.
I am hoping that lots of parents can relate to what I’m going to write about and maybe even share your own experiences as being a mum.
Amy xox

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