3D Colouring Set - Fierce Creatures

VENDOR: Tiger Tribe


Take your colouring to the next dimension with Tiger Tribe’s brand new 3D Colouring Set – Fierce Creatures.
This super cool set allows you to create awesome optical illusions. Simply colour in (using the warm/cool principle*), put your special 3D glasses on and watch your artwork pop off the page! 
3D Fierce Creatures is filled with a menagerie of wild animal colouring pages, 10 vibrant markers and TT 3D glasses.
Everything you need to transport you to another dimension, all in one self-contained box, with a magnetic flap to keep contents safely stored. 
Each 3D Colouring Set includes:
36 x 3D colouring pages
3D glasses
10 markers
handy storage box
Suitable age 5+.

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3D Colouring Set - Fierce Creatures

3D Colouring Set - Fierce Creatures